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Picking Darcy's Pocket

In May 1812, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy is walking down a London street.

As has been his practice of late, he had been turning over the words of Elizabeth Bennet in his mind. ‘Had you acted in a more gentlemanlike manner.’

Distracted, he doesn’t notice a shabby young man in a long coat brush past him. Israel Fagin, at the beginning of his long and disreputable career (which was to lead to literary fame and the condemned cell at Newgate), had taken something from his pocket – but what?

An exploration of the social history of late Georgian and Regency times based on what might be found in a gentleman’s pocket.

This presentation is based around artefacts, the majority of which will be original, and from these stories will be developed. From the paraphernalia connected with letter writing, to the curiosity diversity of money both official and unofficial.