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Gillingham Museum Montage

Accredited Museum Arts Council England

Dorset Museums Association

This new book, published in November 2014, traces the transition of Gillingham from the royal forest of Tudor times to the landed estate of later centuries.
It tells the story of the forest enclosures, the riots and turbulence which followed, and how the disturbances drew Gillingham and its neighbouring countryside into the turmoil of the Civil War.
The story is centred around the people of Gillingham, Mere, and Motcombe, but also involved peers and courtiers at the highest level of society. By the time the disturbances were over, the landscape of the old forest had changed beyond recognition.

Dr. John Porter is a member of the Gillingham Local History Society and is the author of Gillingham's Royal Forest: The Medieval Centuries (published 2013), which relates the earlier history of the forest of Gillingham. He lectures for the WEA in Dorset, Somerset, and Wiltshire.

Priced £9.95    Available from the Museum Website, Museum and Crocker's Ironmongery, High Street.