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Gillingham Museum Montage

Accredited Museum Arts Council England

Dorset Museums Association

Gillingham at War presented by Gillingham Arts Workshop

Members of the Local History Society were entertained at its November meeting by Gillingham Arts Workshop with a presentation of Gillingham at War. 

The interpretation of the effect of the two world wars on Gillingham and its residents was presented by 12 members of  GAW  using song, poetry, and diaries. The story was told with pathos, humour and music.

In particular, GAW used the diaries of Ethel Freame for her thoughts on the first world war and a letter written from Cairo by Bertram Hiscock to his brother Ed on 11 August 1915. Bertram died on the 31st August after wounds received at Gallipoli.

Theresa Suter's account of what it was like to be a second world war  evacuee was also illustrated to good effect.

Top left: Hilary Drake, Joyanne Morrison, Mark Blackham, David Frayne, John Cole, Mark Hebditch (behind the flag!).

Above: Mike Turnbull, Helen Jupp.

Left: David Frayne, Mark Blackham, John Cole, Mark Hebditch, Mike Turnbull.

Bottom left: Barbara Turnbull, Tess Hebditch, Jan Botterill, Helen Jupp, Hilary Drake, Joyanne Morrison.

Musicians (not pictured)
Pianist: Liz Frayne.
double Bass: David Botterill.