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Castleton Waterwheel Museum

Castleton Waterwheel Museum, Sherborne is run by a local group of volunteers who over the past 25 years have rescued the waterwheel and its house from serious neglect. The wheel, 26 feet in diameter having steel rims, 72 steel buckets, and a cast iron rim-gear, is unique in having three leats providing water in high breast shot array; it also has a system of ventilated buckets invented by William Fairbairn in the early part of the 19th century. It was installed to provide clean water for the inhabitants of Sherborne in 1869 and ran until 1959.

At the time when rescue work began there had already been substantial damage to the wheel through immersion in water and debris some of which unfortunately is permanent.

The wheel was so seriously corroded that it is has had to be rebuilt at a cost of £60,000. The Museum organisers have  now raised this money through the generosity of donations from visitors and substantial grants from various organisations.

The Museum's  applications for funds from Chalk & Cheese and the Headley Trust to provide a building to house the Hindley Steam Engine and create a Hindley Steam Museum have been approved enabling building to start in spring 2011, the concrete base has been laid and further building work is in progress; the Hindley Steam engine is being refurbished and will be installed later this year.

Hindley's was based at Bourton, Gillingham.

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